Tintin on the Moon
Tintin on the Moon
Game Information
Release date November 1989
Publisher Infogrames
Genre Various
For Atari ST home computer

Tintin on the Moon (Tintin sur la Lune) was launched by French company Infogrames for the Atari ST home computer in 1989. At the time, the ST was one of the best computers for graphics and sound on the market, making it the perfect platform for a Tintin computer game.


The producers of the game made full use of the computer’s multi-media potential. Unfortunately they failed to make the game interesting to play or long enough to justify the expensive price tag. It earn a rating of just 66%.

Detailed ratingEdit

Price - £24.99
Release Date - November
Graphics - 85%
Sound - 63%
Playability - 67%
Value - 56%
Overall - 66%