Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Orange
Job Journalist
First Appearance Tintin in the Land of the Soviets

Tintin is the main character of the Adventures of Tintin comics. He travels around the world with his dog Snowy, going on many adventures.


Tintin is white, young and male and vaguely middle class with orange hair. In the earlier comics Tintin is seen wearing his yellow shirt and brown pants. In some later comics, Tintin wears a blue shirt instead.


Tintin is a neat reporter who is always nice and friendly. Tintin is also intelligent, cunning and quick. He is always in the mood to gather news and knowledge. Whether Tintin had any education is unclear and he never shows a press card to identify him as a journalist either. He selects his topics in many different ways. Sometimes he reads an item in the newspaper that interests him, sometimes he is being sent by someone, sometimes he comes across a wallet or a bookcase, which draw his attention and curiosity. Often the reason why he is interested in a particular case is a personal one: someone he knows is in danger.


Though Tintin's staged as a reporter for Brussels, he has had several other jobs such as a spaceman and a mountaineer.


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It is believed to be based on an earlier character created by Hergé, a chubby boy-scout named Totor.

Name Origin

Despite what some people think, the name 'Tintin' is not made up. Tintin in Polynesian means "sweet"