Character Information
Gender Male
Hair Black
Job Detective
Relatives Twin Brother: Thompson
First Appearance Tintin in the Congo (but starts role in the series in Cigars of the Pharaoh

Thomson is the twin brother of Thompson and they can only be told apart by their mustaches (Thomson has a slightly more curled one).


Thomson has a black curly mustache, wears a black bowler hat, and is dressed formerly in a black suit. He also sometimes has a cane.


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The detectives were physically based on Hergé's father and uncle, who were twins, both of whom wore matching bowlers. Another inspiration was a picture of two mustachioed, bowler-hatted, formally dressed detectives who were featured on the cover of the Le Miroir edition of March 2, 1919. They were shown escorting a criminal—one detective was handcuffed to the man while the other was holding both umbrellas. In turn, the Thom(p)sons inspired the name of the British 1980s pop band, the Thompson Twins.


In the original French, Dupont and Dupond are stereotypical surnames (akin to "Smith") and pronounced identically. Translators of the series have tried to find in each language names for the pair that are common, and similar or identical in pronunciation. They thus become:

  • Uys and Buys in Afrikaans
  • Tik and Tak in Arabic (تيك و تاك)
  • Johnson and Rohnson in Bengali
  • Kadlec and Tkadlec in Czech
  • Jansen and Janssen in Dutch
  • Thomson and Thompson in English
  • Citserono and Tsicerono in Esperanto
  • Schultze and Schulze in German
  • Ντυπόν and Ντιπόν in Greek (pronounced [diˈpon])
  • Dupont and Duvont in Japanese (デュポンとデュボン Dupon to Dubon)
  • Clodius and Claudius in Latin
  • Doupont o Doupont in Persian (دوپونت و دوپونط)
  • Tajniak and Jawniak in Polish
  • Hernández and Fernández in Spanish and Galician
  • Skapti and Skafti in Icelandic
  • Johns and Johnes in Welsh
  • Tomson and Tompson in Serbian
  • Zigue and Zague in older Portuguese editions


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